Meet Jessie

Hi All,

My name is Jessie, and I am a Certified Nutritionist Specialist, sustainability advocate, and nature enthusiast.  I am a self-proclaimed disrupter who is determined to dismantle diet culture and challenge conventional nutrition and societal expectations.


Over the years, I have built a foundation of nutritional tools and techniques that have transformed my own health, and I know they will transform yours as well.  I believe food is meant to be enjoyed.  It is meant to nourish the body and to connect us with our natural habitats and culture.  It is, therefore, my mission to help others reestablish this connection.

We underestimate how interwoven we are with Mother Nature.  It is important to understand that we have evolved alongside her and that her future now depends on us.  In rethinking our relationship with food and how we choose to consume on a daily basis, we can change our impact on her future.

It is time to reconnect with the one true Farmacy.

Some Interesting Tid-Bits

  • I learned how to properly cook while living abroad in South Korea at the ripe age of  22. 

  • I never measure ingredients while cooking.  

  • Traveling is my all-time favorite thing to do and has offered the greatest challenges and learning experiences to date.

  • I studied French for six years, but still cannot hold a conversation.

  • I have two younger sisters and we all have different hair and eye colors.

  • Carbs (in the form of real fruits and veggies) are my best friends.

  • I use to have an uncontrollable addiction to sweets, to the point of having to throw them away and then spraying them with Windex.

  • Growing up, I was extremely, extremely shy.

  • I think I can rap Salt N' Peppa.  

  • I played the violin for 15 years.  I have now moved on to guitar and I rock.

  • I have an unexplained affinity for chickens.  


Board Certified Nutrition Specialist,

Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists 

Master of Science (MS) degree in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine from the University of Western States

1000 Hour Accredited Clinical Nutrition Internship

Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree from the

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Professional Memberships

National Association of Nutrition Professionals 

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND)

Nutrition Entrepreneurs Dietetic Practice Group


Dietitians in Integrative & Functional Medicine Practice Group


Food Tank: The Think Tank for Food

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