Our Approach

Here at Good Farma, our philosophy encompasses a food first, non-diet, no-numbers approach to health and wellness.  Our mission is to heal all parts of life including  body, mind, soul, and planet through basic, whole food nutrition and practical actions.  Using a combination of traditional wisdom, nutrition counseling, and reliable science, we work to empower clients to reclaim their health.  Moreover, we encourage clients to partner with nature and their bodies to find lasting wellness. 

We Follow Mother Nature

We dismiss the notion that being healthy is an impossible burden.   We follow Mother Nature and she has made it very easy to thrive in her natural world.  For her, the process of choosing, preparing, and eating food should be joyous, guilt-free, and intuitive.  We do understand that endless conflicting advice and information, along with our hectic schedules, has made this natural process stressful.    We promise to help you sort through the confusing messages and look beyond the hysteria that currently drives our country’s food culture.   We will teach you what it means to eat in a way that is sustainable for you and the planet with food you actually love. 

What We Emphasize

Food First

Real Food


Nature as Nurture

Traditional Food Cultures

Local Food Communities

Farmer Support

Eating with Joy

What We Discourage

Fad Diets

Fake Food

Calorie Counting

Numbers and Formulas

Labels and Limitations

Obsessive thoughts


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